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Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Christmas Appeal 2018

“Having spent so much time at the hospital over the years, I have seen first-hand the importance of having access to world-class equipment for Nathaniel’s treatment” -Sarah-


Your generous gift of $50 this Christmas will help us purchase a much-needed portable ultrasound machine, to help our clinicians make quick and accurate diagnoses at the child’s bedside and commence treatment immediately.

Our Emergency Department at Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital is often the first port of call for sick and injured children. Ranging in age from newborns to teenagers, these patients can be critically ill, in pain, distressed and frightened.  For our clinicians, these can be the most challenging and complex cases to treat. 

What we know works best for treating critically ill children, is ensuring our Emergency Department staff are trained to treat their tiny bodies, and that we have easy access to the best investigative tools to help us make fast and accurate diagnoses and to commence treatment.  These things combined help us to respond quickly and effectively, in the critical moment.  

While training ED staff, it is important to simulate real life circumstances.  To improve our paediatrics critical care training, we would like our staff to have access to a child-sized training manikin on which they can practice the skills they will need to save a child’s life. 

With a portable ultrasound machine our clinicians can immediately see heart and lung function or fluid status, or easily locate tiny veins to start administering fluids, antibiotics or other life-saving drugs sooner. 

This Christmas, with your help our clinicians can give our youngest patients the best possible care and return them home sooner to their families.


$50 could help us buy a MegaCode Kid, child-sized manikin so Emergency staff are even more ready to deliver life-saving care to a critically-ill child.

$100 could help us buy a high definition portable ultrasound machine, to help make quick and accurate diagnoses at the bedside and commence treatment immediately.

Most children in our community will celebrate the holiday season with their families.  However, please spare a thought for those few critically-ill children who will need our care this Christmas.  

Our wish for this Christmas and every day of the year is for our youngest patients to have the best possible care and return home sooner.

Please donate TODAY.

Every dollar you give will make a difference to our youngest patients, so our Emergency Team can continue to rebuild the lives of these children and their families.

P.S. To understand in real terms the difference your gift will make, read Sarah and her son Nathaniel’s story here. After so many visits to Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, Sarah understands the importance of having access to world-class equipment which was needed to treat her son.