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How to join RNSH Team this Dry July?

Joining our Dry July at RNSH team is easy! - Follow these steps:

1st Step: Sign up to Dry July and create your fundraising page for RNSH

  •  Click here and sign up to Dry July for Royal North Shore Hospital.
  • Tell your supporters and Dry July about yourself, include your full name so people can find you to support you.
  • Personalise your profile by setting your target. This should be ambitious but also achievable. Make sure you let everyone know what your target is and update them along the way with how much you have left to go.
  • You will then be prompted to personalise your fundraising page so be as creative as you can and tell everyone why you are supporting Dry July at RNSH

DID YOU KNOW? Fundraisers who upload a profile picture raise on average over 3 times more than fundraisers that don’t. Smile for the camera!

  • Your supporter page is now ready to send out to all your supporters!

  2nd Step: Now let’s get your fundraising started

  • Spread the word through your network! – Don’t be shy.
  • Make sure you tell everyone what you are doing and that you are looking for donations.
  • Feel free to download the resources we have developed to help you such as email signatures, social media banners and posters
  • If you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram make sure you post a link to your fundraising page on your profile.
  • Social media updates are a great way to keep people updated on your efforts.