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Financial donations to the Kolling Institute of Medical Research based at the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) are an investment in the future of healthcare.

They are key to opening up numerous, unparalleled possibilities in our quest to prevent and cure disease. 

For example, a Kolling Institute clinical trial will now change practice and the way we treat women who go into premature labour. In partnership with colleagues, Professor Jonathan Morris, Director of the Kolling Institute led a ten-year trial working with 1800 pregnant women in eleven countries with the aim of improving outcomes for preterm babies.

About 8 per cent of babies are born prematurely in Australia each year, and even those born between 34 and 37 weeks have higher chances of metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, decreased respiratory function and impaired learning. Medical opinion has been split on whether women whose waters break between 34 and 37 weeks should give birth immediately or wait until the baby is more mature. Practise has swayed towards inducing labour because of high quality neo-natal care available in our hospitals and the risk of infection so serious.

Our research has challenged this thinking.

Our supporter’s investment in our work has made this possible.

The trial found that there was no increased risk of infection whether the baby was delivered immediately or not and as such, babies are better off waiting in utero through this important period, rather than being induced. 

But research only has impact when it is translated into patient care.

Monash Medical Centre has already changed its policy in favour of expectant management for women whose waters break between 34 and 37 weeks and it is hoped that this will be rolled out more broadly soon.

You make ground-breaking discovery like this possible.

We are determined to fund our ambitious research agenda in Cancer, Diabetes, Renal, Perinatal, Ageing illnesses but we can’t do it alone.

With every 1 in 2 people set to get a chronic illness in their lives, the time is now to invest in research.

Please make a generous gift today by donating today.