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Kolling Research Appeal


Your generous gift of $100 will help raise the $100,000 needed to bring ground-breaking medical research to clinical trial.

Today, thanks to advances in science and medicine, about 90 per cent of women who are diagnosed early with certain sub-types of breast cancer will experience extremely good outcomes.

But for the 2000 Australian women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer each year, the chances of making a full recovery are not nearly as high.

Triple negative breast cancer is a type of breast cancer that does not have any of the three receptors (or markers) commonly found in breast cancer cells - the estrogen, progesterone and HER2 receptors. Hence the triple negative.

Unfortunately, because triple negative breast cancer has less well-established markers, it has not been possible to tailor drug treatments…

At the Kolling Institute, we may hold the key to effective treatments.

We are on the brink of discovery but we want to raise $100,000 towards a Phase 1 Clinical Trial.

Our researchers at the Kolling Institute have discovered that by combining two separate drugs – of which one is currently used effectively in lung cancer, but has been ineffective in breast cancer – we can block biological pathways responsible for cancer growth. The results have been extremely promising and demonstrated that, when used in combination, these drugs target some triple negative breast cancers very effectively.

This leading-edge discovery has been tested and proven in the laboratory and is now ready to undergo vigorous safety testing as the first step in establishing how effectively it works in patients.

Please donate $100 or more today and help us to establish a Phase 1 Safety Trial - the essential next step to validate our theory, before moving onto clinical trials with patients. Thank you for your generosity.

To understand in real terms the difference your gift will make, read Kerrie’s story here.