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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Professor Deborah Marsh

Professor Deborah Marsh

Ovarian cancer has the worst prognosis of all of the gynaecological malignancies with an urgent need to identify new ways to treat this cancer. 

Our ovarian cancer research program includes:

  • Investigating the epigenome, meaning “above” the DNA to discover new ways that this cancer may be treated. This includes investigation of DNA methylation and changes to histone proteins around which DNA wraps.
  • Investigating the potential of microRNA in serum from women with ovarian cancer to be used as diagnostic or prognostic tools.
  • Determining mechanisms of resistance to PARP inhibitors, a new class of drugs showing hope for treatment of ovarian cancer with defective DNA damage signalling pathways.

Functional Genomics Laboratory

Our laboratory studies the molecular biology of sporadic and inherited tumours with a strong focus on ovarian cancer and training the next generation of medical researchers.