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RNSH Appeal


Please share your strength with patients fighting cancer by donating today.

Your generous gift of $50 will help raise the $123,000 needed to buy RNSH Radiation Oncology Department new equipment used in the treatment of cancer. 

It never gets easier telling a patient that they have cancer. Sadly, as a cancer specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital, this is something I have to do every day.

But, thankfully, I also get to tell patients that they are cancer-free. That they have won their battle. Their treatment has worked and they can get on with their lives.

At RNSH, we pride ourselves on the care and support we give patients and as doctors and specialists, we want to ensure that we always, always, have access to the most up-to-date and advanced medical equipment used in the treatment of cancer.

Our radiation oncology unit treats over 1200 patients each year, but three important pieces of equipment used in radiation therapy, are coming to the end of their working life and we want to replace them as soon as possible.


  • $50 could help us buy a new $20,000 Brachytherapy Applicator, which is used in radiotherapy, to apply a sealed radiation source in or next to the area requiring treatment.
  • $250 will help raise $40,000 to purchase two new Dosemeters’ that track radiation exposure during therapy and allow more accurate treatment without hurting the healthy tissues.
  • Or an incredibly generous $1000 will go towards the $63,000 purchase of an ARIA Analytics package, used for important quality assurance analysis in radiation oncology to confirm the high quality and safety of treatment.

Whatever you can give this tax time, I assure you, it will be of benefit to hundreds of cancer patients over the next decade. And as a specialist in this area, I can’t tell you the joy that will bring.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Stephen Clarke
Clinical Director, Cancer and Palliative Care Network NSLHD

P.S To understand in real terms the difference your gift will make, read Kerrie’s story here.