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Ryde Hospital Appeal


Ryde Hospital needs to buy a new $61,000 ventilator for our soon to be opened Critical Care Unit.

A tax-deductible gift of $50 or more will make a difference to more than 700 patients who will spend time in Critical Care every year.

With the opening of Ryde Hospital’s new Critical Care Unit in July, the tables are set to turn for local residents needing intensive care services.

With our upgrade from a High Dependency Unit (HDU) to a Critical Care Unit, patients are guaranteed immediate access to in-house intensive care right here on site, which will reduce the risks associated with their transfer to other facilities.

In emergency situations, local residents will now be able to come directly to Ryde Hospital confident of receiving excellent intensive care treatment, closest to home and family.

Before the opening, Ryde Hospital wants to retire an old ventilator and equip our newly renovated Critical Care Unit with the latest, most up-to-date technology.

A gift of $50 or more today will help us raise the $61,000 needed to buy this life-saving equipment sooner.

Ventilators are highly sophisticated, smart machines that provide accurate, fully automated control of the patient's ventilation and oxygenation – adapting to the patient’s individual needs, second by second.  When a patient’s condition dramatically worsens, their need for specialised, intense, highly technical support means they must be treated in an intensive care unit and maybe even placed on a ventilator.

One of our patients – Frank - presented as an extremely sick man who very quickly became very drowsy and lost consciousness. Frank needed to be immediately ventilated and he remained reliant on that ventilator.  Once attached to the ventilator and comfortably supported to breathe, the team was free to thoroughly examine him to find the cause of his rapid physical deterioration. Thankfully, Frank responded to treatment and was eventually weaned off the ventilator as his ability to breathe on his own increased. 

If the ventilator hadn’t been available for Frank he would have died.

With the opening of our newly refurbished Critical Care Unit, we will be able to treat even more critically ill patients like Frank in the future.

Please, share your strength by donating $50 or more today. It will be the gift of a lifetime to people when they need it most.