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Ryde Hospital Tax Appeal 2018


Your generous gift of $55 this tax time can help us install a new range of floor beds at Graythwaite to help keep our patients safe and returning to independent living sooner. 

Most patients at the Graythwaite Rehabilitation service at Ryde Hospital are elderly, frail, and recovering from surgery or illness. With injury from falls a major cause of death in Australia, the safety of these patients is important to us all.

For many rehabilitation patients, developing the ability to safely get in and out of bed and being able to stand from a seated position are important first steps to regaining independence. Floor beds provide patients with the ability to regain these skills safely.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? However, with our ageing population, the number of elderly patients needing care at Graythwaite is increasing and we need more floor beds to meet the growing demand.

Perhaps you’ve taken your independence for granted lately. We all do. But imagine what it is like for the patients within my care at Graythwaite, for whom completing everyday tasks can pose a threat to their wellbeing. Like our patients with bone and joint pain, or weak legs after a stroke...

A gift of $55 or more today will help us raise funds to install a new range of floor beds at Graythwaite to keep older patients safe from harm.

With your support this tax appeal, you can bring the gift of independence to our patients.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Jennifer Mann
Head of Department
Rehabilitation Medicine
North Shore/Ryde Health Service